Primary Healthcare Coordinator

We are actively seeking dedicated and compassionate Primary Healthcare Coordinators to join our team in the UAE’s dynamic healthcare sector.

As a Healthcare Coordinator, you will ensure comprehensive coordination and management of healthcare services for individuals and families of all ages.

In this role, you will act as a bridge between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring timely delivery of care, facilitating routine check-ups, and promoting preventive health measures. Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team, you will enhance overall health and well-being by providing tailored coordination, overseeing the management of chronic conditions, and addressing patients’ physical, mental, and emotional health needs.

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  • Preferred Experience: Minimum 2 years of experience at a healthcare provider (e.g., hospital, outpatient clinic) or with a healthcare professional Medical center operation and coordination
  • Quality experience in JAWDA, TASNEEF KPIs
  • Experience in administrative duties and use of databases
  • Experience in primary care services (such as chronic disease management, and preventive services)


  • Annual Budget advances for employees
  • Banks Confirmation, credit card benefits, loans & Other benefits with reasonable rates for the supplier employees.
  • CME, BLS, and other medical education courses, webinar training & certifications.
  • Skills Hub Platform for virtual learning with more than 500 libraries of certified courses with training, bedside examination, competency assessment, clinical practice guidelines, and certifications.
  • Documentation for authorities such as COE, Salary certificate, and embassies recommendations.
  • Transportation is provided from home to home & a transportation allowance.
  • Other allowance.
  • New Regulations circulars update, re-training and awareness
  • Personal Support
  • Administrative Support
  • Legal Advisory advice & support from our legal department

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